Zoomies Binocular SunGlasses

Zoomies are a combination of binoculars and glasses all in one.  They provide up to three hundred times magnification of the field of vision while being lightweight enough to wear as glasses.  They have an easy to focus dial to increase or decrease the magnification of the lenses.  Due to the fact that they are lightweight and made in a glasses design they keep the hands free for other things.  They are great for bird watching or at sporting events.  They can even be used for small type.  There is even a built in sun shade that can be used to remove glare on bright sunny days.

How Do They Work?

This hands free binocular tool works very much like heavy and bulky binoculars.  There are lenses inside the glasses that adjust for different levels of magnification.  They are made of a light weight but durable plastic material that allows them to be worn comfortably for long periods of time while watching nature or sporting events.  The dial located on the side of the temple piece adjusts the focus and magnification of the lenses.  The sun shade can be used to reduce glare by flipping them in place.  The dial can focus the lenses to up to three hundred times magnification.

What Are The Features?

Zoomies feature a double lens system within a narrow depth glasses front.  A focus dial is located on the temple piece that runs back and over the ear.  The dial is easy to turn to increase or decrease the strength of magnification.  The adjustable lenses make it possible to watch birds that are far off beyond clear vision of the naked eye or to fine tune and focus in on small type.  The light weight yet durable plastic of the frame is comfortable to wear and keeps the hands free for other things.

Zoomies vs. Binoculars

Traditional binoculars are heavy and bulky.  They require the use of both hands to keep steady and hold in position for viewing.  They also hang upon the chest with a strap around the neck that pulls and becomes painful and uncomfortable when used for long periods of time.

Zoomies are light weight, comfortable to wear and keep the hands free for other things.  They are ideal for bird watching, sporting events, taking in the sights while hiking and more.  The lenses are easily adjusted using the focus dial located on the top corner of the frames.  They provide up to three hundred times magnification for crisp clear viewing of objects beyond clear viewing with the naked eye.

Where To Use Them

Zoomies are versatile, light weight and easy to take anywhere for better viewing.  Take them along when:

  • Going out bird watching
  • Attending sporting events
  • Enjoying the view overlooking a city
  • Observing nature from a distance
  • Working out small text puzzles in magazines
  • Reading fine print of newspapers or labels

Zoomies magnify objects up to three hundred times.  They adjust by use of the focus dial on the frame of the glasses to allow the hands to remain free and vision to be magnified, clear and crisp.  There is even a sun shade feature that prevents a great amount of glare from ruing the view through the lenses.

Use them when tyting flys for fly fishing or any other small fine motor skill type task that requires seeing all the little details.  They can be used nearly anywhere and for many viewing needs.  Although these powerful binocular type of lenses fit on the face like glasses they are not intended for use while driving or when operating heavy machinery.

Who Should Use Them?

Anyone who likes being out in nature, seeing those far off things or getting the details of a beautiful bird will benefit from using Zoomies.  They are easy to use, lightweight, portable and comfortable.  They magnify objects for clear crisp viewing.  They fit comfortably and keep the hands free for other things.  They are perfect for viewing birds, deer or any type of nature.  They work for watching a sporting event and help to pull the user right into the action.  Zoomies also have a sun shade to not only reduce glare but help to keep objects in the line of sight clear and crisp to the eye.

Where To Buy

Zoomies are an As Seen On TV product and as such they are not available for purchase in stores.  They cannot be found at Wal-Mart, K-Mart or any pharmacy store.  They can only be purchased through the order form on the official Zoomies website, the As Seen On TV product website or through the infomercial telephone lines.

This product is available throughout the Continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Guam, Puerto Rico and Canada.  Additional State and Province taxes may apply and order outside of the Continental United States must pay an additional shipping and handling fee of ten dollars.  Allow two to six weeks for delivery.

What Is The Cost?

Traditional binoculars can be very expensive, even hundreds of dollars.  Zoommies and their three hundred times magnification are available for just $10.00, plus $7.95 for shipping and handling.  Act now and qualify for special offers and bonus gifts with purchase of Zoomies.

Are There Special Offers?

For a limited time when ordering Zoomies take advantage of the special offer and get a second pair of Zoomies absolutely free of charge.  Just pay separate shipping and handling charge.  That means buyers can receive two pairs of Zoomies, two handy carrying cases and two lanyard strings to secure and hang the Zoomies for more convenient use.

Is It Guaranteed?

Zoomies do carry a thirty day money back guarantee.  If for any reason a user is not satisfied with this product they may return it, and all accompanying pieces, to the warehouse within thirty days of receipt of the product for a full refund of the purchase price.  Shipping and handling charges are not included with refunds.